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Tooling International Ltd supplies product globally to a prestigious manufacturing customer base whose applications include, but are not limited to
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Other Transport
  • Military & Defence
  • White Goods
  • Hi-Tec & Micro
  • Construction
  • DIY
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Renewables
  • General Industrial
Our products are supplied in a wide-range of materials that conform to all relevant, exacting industry and customer specifications. We supply licensed and non-licensed products and, by way of close collaboration with global key accounts, we are consistently invited to enter Confidentiality Agreements for the development of Customer Exclusives and Prototypes

Our products may be Uncoated or in various high-quality Coatings according to the customer specific application. This includes the proprietary CDT (Code T), a unique and high-performing Manufacturing Process and Coating that was developed in close collaboration with our Aerospace partners and ensures optimum tool-life performance at very high forging temperatures

 is an unrivalled, proprietary service across our entire product range that has revolutionized the performance of recess tooling amongst screw producers worldwide. For more information, please visit the ‘services’ page

We hold very comprehensive stocks both at our UK manufacturing facility as well as internationally but if you are faced with an urgent requirement for a non-stock item, kindly also visit the ‘services’ page for information regarding our Breakdown service,

Our dynamic portfolio of products includes

TORX® Pins & Solid Punches
TORX® Plus Pins & Punches
Combi & Tamper Resistant
Autosert Pins

Trim Dies
External Hex Lobe
Piercing Punches
Nut-Piercing Punches
Phillips & 1A Pins & Punches
Hexagon & Square

External TORX®
Multi-Station Hexagon Pins
Extrusion Pins
Medical Punches
Gauging equipment
(metric imperial, digital analogue)
Penetration Gauge complete
Penetration Points
Master Plug gauges
Wobble Gauges
Full form Step Wafer &
Torque Test Blocks

External TORX® Plus
Hexagon Broaches
Nut-Forming Punches

For a more detailed look at our range, please consult the TIL Product Guide and Appendices by visiting the 'downloads' section

latest news

Teudeloff is our exclusive global partner for recess tooling....
Teudeloff GmbH & Co. KG, a German based company is our exclusive global partner for recess tooling. Teudeloff is well known in the European Fastener market. They will now market our recess tooling in the USA as well.


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